Maker, Kitty Boda

The hands + heart of Miscellany + Co. 

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I dreamt up Miscellany + Co. as I tried my hand at farming, landscaping, furniture design, building tiny homes. I eventually landed back at farming on a produce farm while also owning my small business. I work with a variety of mediums, including soap making, spoon carving, candle making, floral farming + arranging, + furniture design + making. 

For me, the art of creating feels like a homecoming. When I create, my soul settles into herself a little stronger and snugger. I stand a little brighter and bolder in my bones. Making has given me the space to slow down, take time, and savor the process of creating. I have the privilege of participating in the entire process, and I don't take that lightly. I grow my own flowers, so every step from seed to bouquet or dried wreath is done by my two hands. I get to start with a block of wood and craft it with care into a natural piece of art and beauty for your homes. Handcrafted goods to me are a lil' sneaky bit of defiance, resisting against the go go go of life and production. I am naturally not the most patient person, but taking the time it takes to create fills me and fuels me. 

I hope that my pieces allow others to slow down and savor, whether it's starting your morning off gently by stirring some honey into your tea or gathering around your table with loved ones to enjoy a home-cooked meal over candlelight or washing your hands after digging in your garden on a spring day. These little moments that happen in the day to day can be rushed through so easily, so my hope is that my pieces will stand as beautiful + functional reminders to take time and sit in the simple beauties that can be found everyday. 

Throughout my life I have found a sense of home in a miscellany of mediums, and I hope that my designs will convey a similar sense of home and welcome to all who see them.