Maker, Kitty Boda

The hands + heart of Miscellany + Co. 

As a flower farmer, floral designer, woodworker, and soap-maker, I enjoy working with a miscellany of mediums. Hence Miscellany + Co! 

For me, the art of creating feels like a homecoming. Making has given me the space to slow down, take time, and savor the process of creating. Slowing down is an act that I’m still practicing, (and to be honest, I probably always will be), as time continues on. 

I have the privilege of participating in the entire process of creating, and I don't take that lightly. I grow my own flowers over the summers. Every step from seed to harvest to floral design is done by my two hands. I handcraft my wooden wares from rough wood to finished piece. I make all-natural, small batch soaps infused with flowers organically grown in my flower plot. 

Handcrafted goods to me are a lil' sneaky bit of defiance. By making them, this one-woman show resists against the go go go of life and production. By lovingly and fairly patiently crafting (like I said, I'm learning) each and every piece that I make, I choose to take time and savor it. 

Throughout my life I have found a sense of home in a miscellany of mediums, and I hope that my designs will convey a similar sense of home and welcome to all who see them. I hope that my pieces will stand as beautiful + functional reminders to take time and sit in the simple beauties that can be found everyday. 

Kitty Boda
Maker + Owner